Inside FH: JAN ’19

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Speakers equipped with Alexa, including Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot are now compatible with Flushing House. Use the speech function to ask, ‘Alexa, what’s for lunch?’ or ‘Alexa, what are today’s activities?’ After being prompted, the speaker will announce today’s menu, the activity schedule and anything else you’d find on the Flushing House Channel on your television. 1. Ensure that your Alexa-enabled device is online. 2. Search for ‘My Community’ under skills in the Alexa app or website ( and enable it. 3. Say ‘Open my community’ to start the set up. You’ll be asked to provide our community’s pin (1300). 4. After setting up, say ‘Hey Alexa, open My Community’ anytime to hear information about Flushing House. The invocation word is ‘My Community.’ Visit or ask a staff member for help!

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