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Listen to what our residents are saying about us.

Thank You Flushing House, for all you do in helping me to maintain a good health and lifestyle wellness. All services provided help me to enjoy my retirement life and fulfill my life.

Jerry Gorzelski Avatar Jerry Gorzelski

Is a wonderful place with wonderful helpers they actually treat you like their mother and father and beautiful Marlow will have dinner with you and show you around the place

Stephen Tabone Avatar Stephen Tabone

Bring your parents here Great place...great staff...great food...lots of activities and active seniors. Very multi cultural.

Rebecca Holman Avatar Rebecca Holman

“My 6 years here at Flushing House has surprisingly been above and beyond my expectations. I thought I would settle down, smell the flowers and lazily drift into a life of contemplation. Contemplation turned out to be attending activities I’ve never even heard of: Poetry, writing… they made poets out of us! Painting, who knew? Exercise and yoga classes, ping pong and of course Bingo to name a few. I don’t know how it could be possible but if there was a subject, you can begin one and also serve as the leader. There is a glassed enclosed rooftop that is conducive to meditation singing and music, from Bach to Bop!

My 6 years of residency has been a new and different king of happiness something I was quite unprepared for, and my one disappointment was not being here sooner.”
-Isabel Nickerson

“Good morning! Praise the Lord! To God be the glory! This is Lillian E. Williams in Room 617. I have been a member of Flushing House for over 2 years. My first impression when I came here was how they took you around and showed you around and explained everything to you. I couldn’t absorb everything in that day because it was just a whole lot. But, after I moved in here, my first day here, what really impressed me was when I did have to lay down in my bed and go to sleep, I felt safe. I didn’t feel harm. I knew I was at a place that was safely taken care of, everybody and everything that were in these walls and outside these walls. Also, as I became closer to people, I learned that there are all different kinds of people, nationalities, yes and colors and stuff, yes, but I am talking about their heart, how they felt, what they thought about things but I’ve learned to accept who they were because all of us have come from God. Another thing I like is that they really take care of you here. If you get sick, you need assistance, you need help, they are right there. They do not have anybody causing problems in this place. And I love Flushing House, and I thank God for Flushing House. I thank God that my daughter took the time to find Flushing House for me. Now, I lived in Flushing in 1970, and I stayed in Flushing on Main & Maple Avenue. But, I never knew that the day would come that I would be living in Flushing House. So, I just want to say that Flushing House is a good place to live, it is a kind place to be, a safe place, now, if the food is not all that good to you, don’t worry about it! Just don’t eat it, get something else… but, all the workers work hard, they give their best and they take a lot from people that live here, and I might be one of them but I try not to be because I treat them the way that I want to be treated. I appreciate everyone that is here. The workers here, they work hard for you and they do right by you. You’re not going to find everybody is the same because they’re not.”
-Lillian Williams

“…we tried Flushing House, my friend Barbara and I are so lucky that we found Flushing House. It’s a great place to be. I have a lovely apartment, it’s really a wonderful place and I am very happy here. It is very convenient for me. I am elderly, I don’t have to go out shopping, I don’t have to cook, I can just eat their wonderful food and It’s really, really wonderful. For me, my pension and social security pay for it, so I am very, very happy and I know that my friend is also. It’s the best move I’ve made. I just wanted to thank you, Erica. I want to thank Flushing House and Revered Kurtz. Incidentally, you must really teach your staff to be wonderful because from top to bottom the staff is excellent, so thank you I am very happy here.”
-Herta Tishcoff

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