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The Best Value for Independent Living

Why do we say it’s less expensive to live at Flushing House, as compared with staying at home? Because Flushing House is the best value in Independent Living. We’d all like to stay in our homes forever, because that’s where our hearts are. Homes are our sanctuaries, and many wouldn’t even think of living anywhere else. However, time for a reality check. The facts are that at certain stage in life, the physical and financial costs of maintaining our own homes, can become an overwhelming burden for many older adults. So let’s talk about costs. First of all, we’re more competitive than other senior communities in Queens and Long Island. How do we do this? As a not-for-profit, our 501 (c) (3) certification means we save a lot on taxes. We raise funds and apply for grants, have our own endowment, and received funding from New York State for a new bus and computer center.

Additionally, unlike the assisted living facilities which proliferate in this area, we are not licensed by New York State’s Health Department, and this means it costs us less to operate Flushing House as an Independent Living retirement community.Most importantly, we are not a public company, so there are no shareholders demanding a big return on their investments. Profit is not our overarching goal. For all these reasons, our costs, and therefore our rents, are lower than many other places. Compare and you’ll see!

Aside from cost savings, the Flushing House lifestyle is designed to make living so much easier than staying at home. All the amenities and services provided here, allow residents much more leisure time, so they can celebrate living every day™.

Many have told us living here is like being on a permanent vacation. Try it, you’ll like it!