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Life Enrichment Programs

Our goal at Flushing House is to create an enticing program schedule that engages our residents and meets their needs and piques their interests. Our daily programs are designed to challenge and soothe minds, bodies and spirits. A regular meeting between our residents and our Life enrichment staff  is scheduled monthly to ensure our residents are still interested and engaged. Our residents give feedback on programs they loved, and those they don’t wish to see again. We take the input from our residents seriously and cater to them as best we can.

Each day begins with in-chair exercise to get our day started on the right foot. The morning exercise is also televised over our in-house television channel so you can follow along in the comfort of your private apartment. Our activities last into the evening, even after dinner. Our residents are also encouraged to form their own activities such as card games on their own.

Our resident enrichment program is as diverse as the population it serves. With programs like Tai chi, Mahjong, TED Talks, news & views, and wine and cheese there is never a dull moment. Residents are welcome to take trips in our 13 passenger van to restaurants, museums, theaters and local parks. Our community has dedicated rooms to host activities on three different floors including a computer lab and movie theater. Our library has books available in large print as well as local newspapers for residents. We host a monthly birthday party on our beautiful rooftop for all residents to enjoy.

We also keep true to the classics like Bingo, poker keno and shuffleboard. The biggest complaint we’ve heard in our monthly activities meeting is that there is so much going on they don’t know which activity to choose. For more information view our calendar of events each month in INSIDE: Flushing House our monthly newsletter.