Jun 2019

  1. Centenarian Celebration

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    Centenarian Celebration


    Flushing House, a 55+ community, is home to eleven Centenarians who will be recognized on Sunday, July 14th at 2 PM. The rooftop celebration has been organized by the Flushing House Resident Council Executive Committee. It will honor their longest living residents. This is not a birthday celebration but rather a celebration of life with friends, neighbors and family.

    The Centenarian Celebration will give the 300 residents of Flushing House a chance to share their secrets to a long, happy life. Refreshments and cake are served by the Flushing House Culinary Team. Approximately, only 1 in 4,500 people in the United States live to be 100. The chance to celebrate the lives of 11 people that have reached this milestone is truly a rare occasion and inspiring to be in their presence.

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  2. Bedroom & Sleep Tips for Seniors

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    Sleep Tips

    Good sleep not only makes life more enjoyable, it is necessary for continued health as we age.  During sleeping hours, the human body strengthens bones and rebuilds muscle as well as tissues on the cellular level.  This is especially important for seniors who may more easily become injured or fall ill.  Getting quality sleep may prove more challenging if said elderly suffer from aches and pains or one of many sleep disorders.  Here are a few tips that will make bedtime safer and more effective for seniors.

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