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A Message from Doug Kurtz

By July 22, 2021August 17th, 2021No Comments

The following video was broadcast to the residents of Flushing House on July 22nd, 2021.

Flushing House July 2021 Update

Continental Breakfast

It’s good to be with you again, even though it’s through Touchtown and through our video channel. There are a few things I’d like to share with you. Starting on August 2nd, we will not be serving continental breakfast to your apartments. If you want to have a continental breakfast, you will need to come down to the Dining Room and share our muffins, our juices, the fruit and whatever we have, they’re in the Dining Room. Now if you have an aide with you and you’re bedbound or you’re really not able to get out at all but you have an aide, the aide can come down and pick up breakfast for you and bring it up to your room. You cannot pick up breakfast and take it to your room, but the aide can. We’ve done a lot of thinking about this and trying to figure it out, that’s why we have the policies that we have. They might change, we’re just trying it, you know. This is all new to us as much as it’s new to you but we’re trying our best in seeing how it’s going to work. We figured that this is a good way to see how the Dining Room is going to fare when we start to move into the other direction with lunch and dinner, but that’s not going to happen yet, not for a little while, but we’re going to see how it works.

Gala 2021

September 9th. That’s a day I want you to remember because I would like you, if you’re able, to come to our gala. It’s a fundraising opportunity that we do at United Adult Ministries and Flushing House, since we are a not-for-profit organization. The moneys that we use here goes into the George Nussbaum Fund. George Nussbaum was one of the founding board of directors and was president of this organization for quite a while. We created this fund in his honor to help individuals who have run out of money, that they can continue to live here at Flushing House. So, it’s a great cause and a great opportunity for you to go and hear about what is, some of the exciting things that we are honoring through United Adult Ministries. It is at Leonard’s Palazzo. Just maybe four or five miles down on Northern Boulevard, maybe a little bit further than that. But it’s a great evening. We’ll even get you there or bring you home if you want to go. The problem is the tickets do cost 150 dollars. But we have a special, of course, you know, the blue light special, if you will. Starting now that will end July 31st, so you don’t have much time. But if you buy one, you get the second for half-price. That means two tickets for 225 dollars so you could go with a friend, buy the two tickets and enjoy. Even if you didn’t want to go, you could still buy a ticket and have that money go toward a contribution to the George Nussbaum Fund. It’s a great opportunity, it’s a special thing that happens at Flushing House and we’d like you to participate in that and to become a part of it.

Resident Appreciation Luncheon

August 19th. Resident Appreciation Luncheon. You know, we really do appreciate you. You have been amazing during this pandemic. You have really worked and kept yourselves safe. You’ve gotten your vaccination and you’re ready to go. Well, we want to show how much we appreciate you and we are going to do a barbecue luncheon up on the roof on August 19th. So, make sure that you mark that day, look on the calendar and join us on August 19th up on the roof for the Resident Appreciation Luncheon and Barbecue!

Dining Room

Remember, you can still come down to the Dining Room for lunch and dinner. Couple things we are going to be doing pretty soon is removing the plexiglass shields, so you’ll be able to talk to each other a little bit easier. With 90 percent of our residents vaccinated and the folks who haven’t been are really apartment-bound, we feel pretty secure that you’re going to be safe. We will continue to seat four people at a table unless you have a group of five or six who you really want to sit together, then talk to the hostess at the door and explain that the six of you would like to sit together and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Please remember that if you need assistance with eating, an aide cannot be with you, so you need to stay in your apartment. And also, just right for now – and this will change- but for right now, we still are not allowing visitors to sit in the Dining Room with you at this point. Basically, because I’m concerned about the space. And I want to have enough space so that you’ll be able to come down and eat without the fear of being sold out or blocked out from that.

Now you are doing a great job. I’m glad to see more people out and about. I’d encourage you, especially on these beautiful days to get outside and take some walks, to get some fresh air. Remember, wear your mask, keep your distance and wash your hands regularly. Now, the virus isn’t gone, it’s still here. You still need to be careful, even if you’ve been vaccinated. But you still need to be smart, and you need to take care of yourself, and taking care of yourself is getting out, talking to people, stimulating, exercising your body, your mind, and your spirit. Those are the important things so please do that and let’s have a great rest of the summer! Thank you and have a great day!