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The Real New York

By February 19, 2019December 8th, 2020No Comments

The  Real New York

Flushing House, New York’s premier Independent Living Community was recently featured in the latest issue of FLUSHING THE REAL NEW YORK (winter 2019 Edition). This neighborhood guide is a project of Flushing Fantastic (flushingfantastic.nyc) showcasing all that the great city of Flushing has to offer. Pick up a copy for hidden gems, insider picks and more!

Flushing House is a private senior residence with supportive services on-site. The not-for-profit residence was built in 1974 with the purpose of offering older adults an alternative and affordable retirement experience. Today it is home to over 300 older adults. Flushing House has long been recognized as an innovator, one of the first to offer Independent Living, along with supportive services on the premises. Today, Flushing House continues to grow and its residents are still active and engaged in the local community and all it has to offer.

What makes an Independent Community different from other types of housing options for older adults?

Retirement residences which combine Independent Living with supportive services on premises, have recently become a popular alternative in the US. In Queens, Flushing House is known as a pioneer in such communities. As a not-for-profit, we pioneered our unique living arrangement, which we called Congregate Living. But our residents don’t have to share rooms to keep costs down! They enjoy their own private, spacious apartments. They are free to come and go, to entertain family and friends, and to make their own financial decisions.

What does the future hold for Flushing House?

We plan to continue to be the innovator in senior housing.  Our main priority and goal is to always provide for our residents and we don’t plan on changing that. In the future we plan to be more involved and active in the growth of our beautiful community of Flushing, Queens.

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